On Being a Freelancer – Wendy Rose Gould

I was lucky enough to speak to Wendy for a chat on her experiences of being a freelance writer. As a successful lifestyle writer and photographer, her work has been featured in print and online for Glamour Magazine, Yahoo! Huffington Post, USA Today and eHow, to name a few. She was also the style editor […]

Penny for the Poor

Dear you & everyone else, I think this week has been the worst week in the history of weeks. I’ve had arguments with people I hold most dear and I think I’ve pretty much lost the plot. It all started really well after the weekend, I had my friend Alex come over from Spain and […]

Blogging Away

Dear you and whoever else, The summer has gone way too fast and it’s actually just hit me that September is next week and everyone is back to school/uni. I have enjoyed sitting on my couch watching reruns of Friends way too much; not to mention the buckets of tea I have been drinking in […]

when I come back you’ll know, Amy Winehouse

I’m taking the peaceful time that I have at present to reflect on a fantastic musical sensation, being Amy Winehouse. I’m in a pensive mood today and not feeling a blog full of ranting. Besides, its Sunday. I’ve just dug out her ‘Back to Black’ album on iTunes and it really is amazing. It’s such […]


I went into Norwich today and ended up in Paperchase. I really wanted to buy a nice A4 moleskine as I’m starting to feel like I should start writing more poetry and short stories instead of just thinking about it. After being faced with awkward questions on a recent visit to Spain by my parents, […]

Clegg Comotion

I did say to myself that I wouldn’t be an obsessive blogger when I found something that annoyed me, but browsing on Reader, as you do, there was a new piece on Clegg… Now ever since the bloody ConDem, my feelings for the wimpish Nick Clegg have gone right down the pan. Prior to him […]