An ironic tribute to The Beatles

It’s hard to believe where the time has gone this year. It only feels like yesterday that it was New Years Eve and I was quite happily watching the Harry Potter box set with my other half. Now, we are in March. I’m supposed to ‘march’ on and choose a career path that is right […]

It’s like that, is it?

It’s been an odd few months here in my household, as the time is fast approaching where I am finishing University and life is going to have to go one way or another. I’m getting a lot of unnecessary pressure from my parents to make a decision, and lo and behold, they want me to […]

Journalism Junkie

Things have been quite busy in the past few days for me, hence why I haven’t been blogging an awful lot. Just getting some quiet time now to let you know what I’ve been doing! I’ve been off and applying for work experience at the BBC in Broadcast Journalism for BBC Midlands Today. Never have […]

The bookshop culture – still going strong.

I just read a blog post in which it discussed the decline in bookstores, where you can aimlessly search for books for hours on end and end up getting quite a bad neckache. I can’t disagree that Amazon has taken over the majority of the book world, but for someone like me, an English student […]

Ta Ta to Teaching

I was looking forward to Wednesday, it was the Secondary PGCE talk, and the lecture was only due to last an hour. I was excited until the guy’s opening sentence was, ‘I don’t even know if teacher training will be around in 2012, when you will want to do it.’ My initial reactions compromised of: […]

Going somewhere so soon?

On a peaceful Saturday morning, the Coalition has come under an unusual strand of commentary from behind its own doors. Francis Maude, a Conservative who is seen to be the one who moved the Torys into a more progressive, modern state, so they were able to be in power, has openly expressed that todays Government […]


Theresa May, lovely, sweet Theresa May…. Yeah, right! This wretched pensioner is set to take something away from the British people that tried to curb the youths of today. The weird and wonderful ASBO. Now, I remember, when people used to say ‘Oh, Joe soandso got an ASBO last week’, I would be shocked, as, […]