What’s it all about, anyway?

Dear you,

Happy August. I swear it’s just zoomed past without a care in the world. I know we’re only half way through, but in two weeks, it’ll be Bank Holiday weekend. The next thing, it’ll be Christmas and I’ll have the problem of figuring out what everyone is going to be getting!

I don’t really think I have a great deal of news since we last spoke. I finished my research module and I’m now working on my Teardrop script ready for my dissertation. It’s proving to be quite taxing and getting the plot just right is causing me a few problems. At first, I was dead set on being all cool and environmental, but now I’m like, ‘stuff that, where’s the action at?’ I would love to write it like ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ but that’s kind of been done now. I’ll soldier on however. I have a catch-up with my supervisor next week and I’ve been lucky enough to have a friend who’s read it over and said, ‘no’ at the crappy bits. I’m really funny about who reads it, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve offended people by refusing to let them read it 🙂

In other news, Lowen is still alive, still cute and still a pain in the ass. I know it’s bad but I’ve been trying to palm him off onto people, as I just don’t think I can give him enough attention anymore. it doesn’t help the situation that we weren’t even friends to start with. I’m beginning to think he’s fallen out of love with my boyfriend too. I mean, at least it’s him and not me I guess!

I’ve been to a couple of christenings as well recently, which is starting to make me feel mega old and grown up. I.e. grown up in the way that people I know have children, if that makes sense?! The next problem will be when I turn 25 and it’s mid-20s and then it’ll be late-20s. Yikes. On a good note, I’ve got my own home, a great boyfriend and I enjoy my job when people aren’t being total dumbasses. Plus, I’m lucky enough to still follow my dream of writing, rambling and doing a Masters.

This is all getting a bit deep, so I should probably sign off for now. I’m really tempted to have another cup of tea, but I know I won’t sleep if I do. I’m way past the time for caffeine. Though, maybe I’ll have a green tea with mint – living on the edge. Not to mention Hell’s Kitchen is on.


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