It has been announced today that oDesk/Elance has changed its name to Upwork. One may question as to why they have done this, however, it shows a clear need to unify the oDesk and Elance brands under one roof. This could suggest that the freelance industry is bigger than originally anticipated. A merger such as this reflects money, ambition, the dominance of the online freelance website market & the drive to move forward as technology advances. They have even estimated that the ‘contractor job market is worth 1 trillion annually’, as reported in Techcrunch.

It demonstrates that this is an industry that means business. From this, they are hoping to open their doors to many more job sites and many more contractors. Which in theory, means more work for the likes of us. Will we still continue to see the same aggressive style of bidding for work or will this filter out if there’s more work to go around? Only time will tell. The unification is meant to attract both clients and contractors in their millions. Interestingly, the fee for Upwork is 10% instead of 8%. This is not exactly a sweetener.

I will road test the new site at some point in the coming week. I have yet to hear back from the last job that I applied for, so we’ll soon see if it makes a heap of a difference.


2 thoughts on “Upworking?

  1. I’ve had a little look at their site and I didn’t think it was that good, because it doesn’t help people just getting started. You need so many points to start applying for jobs. People per hour is much better I think. But they may have changed the format along with the name change. I will have to check it out.

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