Oops, I did it again

Dear all,

I am SO sorry. I’ve just clocked on that I haven’t blogged this year at all. For someone who likes a good ramble I’ve been absolutely shocking with maintaining this. I won’t lie, I need to use my blog for the next uni module, so thought I better blow the cobwebs off it first.

I suppose I better say, ‘Happy 2015’? Better late than never, right? Well, a lot has changed since I last posted. I’ve started a new job, found a better boyfriend and gotten rid of my fringe. The fringe is the biggie though, to have a forehead after almost not seeing it since I was 15, is a monumental step. Now everyone can see when I raise my eyebrows, so I really have to watch that now. Plus, I’ve noticed that some serious lines appear when I do it so I’m going to knock that on the head. I’m now working over in Malvern & driving all my new work colleagues up the wall. I think the, ‘what is everyone having for dinner?’ is probably going to start wearing a bit thin. On a good note, at least I’m not chained to my desk anymore and I’ve vastly improved my hill starts! Whey!

I suppose I better mention the better boyfriend. He’s another elusive ‘A’ name (where do I find them, honestly?!) and everything seems to be going okay. He hasn’t quite learnt to do the washing up when he’s here and my alcohol consumption levels have gone up a fair bit since he came on the scene, but he’s a good one. According to my folks and my best friend, having him around has made me a happier person. Cue the awws.

If you’re wondering what happened to Lowen, he is the only thing that hasn’t changed. He’s still a pesky little s*** and still hating on me. On a good note, he absolutely loves my boyfriend. I’ve never seen anything like it; he turns all soppy and cute animal-like it’s sickening. He never does that with me. He’s still digging out his litter tray and I’m still threatening to re-home him. At the moment, no one seems to want him because they all know what he’s like. Little devil.

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be exploring the idea of freelancing writing sites and what they’re all about. I have used a few of them in the past and I’ve always been skeptical about whether they are a viable way to make money. For the final part of my MA, I am exploring this, so expect some very informative, sensible and intellectual posts. I’ll be back writing like a crazy woman in the summer. I suppose I better go have a cup of tea. Writing is thirsty work.


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