Blogging Away

Dear you and whoever else,

The summer has gone way too fast and it’s actually just hit me that September is next week and everyone is back to school/uni. I have enjoyed sitting on my couch watching reruns of Friends way too much; not to mention the buckets of tea I have been drinking in the process. We had the bank holiday at the start of the week and I spent the day getting all Mary Berry while it was tipping down outside (pics at the bottom)! Needless to say, my bread looked really nice, but then when I cut into it, it was spongey and just generally gah. I did make some shortbread too and that seemed to go down well with the folks at work. We were all sat there with our 10:30am coffee nomming on some shortbread whilst pretending to work!
But on a reflective note, August has been a month of change all round. A lot of things have happened in terms of personal life, I’ve eaten a lot of steak and I am STILL unpacking boxes from having moved house in July. I was aiming to do two boxes a week, but that plan kind of fell through…I blame Friends and Sky TV in general!
I also had an unpleasant experience with a certain bank this week (starts with H and ends in C). For the first time ever, I went into my overdraft and they thought it would be cool to charge me £50 for the privilege. If I had even gone into my overdraft by that much, then fair enough, I may have paid it, however, it was a measly amount! I called them up and played the ‘dumb girl’ who didn’t realise her graduate account had switched to a normal bank account. That didn’t go down well and the chap on the other end on the phone ended up giving me a lecture on how to manage my ‘financial difficulties’. As you can imagine, that didn’t go down well with me at all. I don’t think anyone likes to be patronised, right? It’s all good though, I’ve been down to another bank today and switched over my current account. It felt like a two fingers up to the other bank, which I was a bit like woohoo about 🙂 Everyone has been trying to get money out of me this month (solicitor, DPS, the bank), so I felt it was important to not be mugged off!
I just realised I’ve been wittering pointlessly. I’ve had my cup of tea so I can’t use that as an excuse to stop typing. I think Lowen is still doing a dirty protest (he rearranges his litter tray – not the best I assure you) and he is thrashing about trying to get my attention. I think he is hungry. Well, I best sort him out otherwise he’ll think his throat will have been cut.
Here’s to a successful September, over and out.
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