Up the Cobbles

Dear you & everyone else,

I feel like I need to rant. You know when you’ve had an amazing day (maybe not because it is Monday) and then something happens that completely craps on your mood? Well that just happened. Everything was going swimmingly, work was okay and the weather was relatively pleasant, but then I just got home and BAM. I even managed to get through Coronation Street without hurling my Deirdre mug into the TV that someone picked up for me at the Corrie tour (see below for pic). Lowen is trying to destroy the new setup in his cage as well – there is not a night that goes by where he doesn’t try and rearrange it and get cat litter everywhere. Lowen 5, Sam 0. So that’s going so well.
It just feels like I keep giving and giving and then getting sweet FA back. I know this is a bit deep for a Monday, but at the moment, there is isn’t anyone else appropriate to rant to as that would raise a few eyebrows. I just think I’m going to have to seriously re-evaluate what’s going on and put myself first for a change. Lowen can come after me because he’s so god damn grumpy.
I’m going to have a cup of tea in my Deirdre mug. I’m just furiously typing away here and I think the next episode of Corrie is coming on in the next few mins. For the record, I don’t watch it religiously but you can’t be too picky on a Monday evening.


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