Flipping Heck.

Dear you & everyone else,

I’m back! I think I dropped off the face of the earth for at least three weeks, and everything feels all weird and new now! You’ll be pleased to know I am back from my holiday and I have moved house. I am still surrounded by boxes, but my excuse is, the man isn’t coming until Sunday to put my wardrobe together, so I have a bit of time.
There’s been so much change and instead of worrying about an even tan and what book I’m going to be reading, I’ve been faffing on with wallpaper, cleaning my oven in my old property and hurling abuse at pedestrians who dare walk in front of me. I’ve also found that now I have Sky installed, I am watching copious amounts of The Crystal Maze. I am convinced I would be much better than half of the contestants and none of them seem to have half a brain between them. I’d have to be team captain as well, although, I don’t think the jumpsuit would suit me.
Lowen is slowly adjusting to his new home and I have fenced him off so that he has a little play area. He hates the fact he can’t just run around and scatter hay across my living room, but he has to realise that this is my home firstly. It’s nice not to have to box off all the wires to stop him chewing them!
I would love to write a longer post but I have jacket potatoes in the oven. I think they’re at that stage where the skin is getting a bit too crispy, plus, I have to put the prawns on the plate and cover them in plenty of black pepper. Oh, there goes the timer. I hope to be fully with you in the next couple of days, assuming Challenge don’t put a marathon of The Crystal Maze on. That would be really amazing.


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