Bagging It

Dear You,

It’s so hard being a four eyes isn’t it? I thought I’d sit down and write on the ol’ blog but I can’t see the flipping screen for excess smearing and steaming up. Bit like when you’re in the car and you’re screeching ‘we’re steaming up!’, as if a bomb had dropped. I’ve just finished doing some Pilates for the night, as you do on a Friday evening, because my life is soooooooooo interesting. That’s why I’m steaming up. I found this link online called ‘Blogilates’ and I am following the monthly Pilates plan. I am on Day 3 and I haven’t given up yet so I must be onto a winner. Although having to get my yoga mat out in the front room every evening is probably interesting for the neighbours. Even Lowen likes a bit of it, he comes out and starting eat the mat every time. I always knew pink was his colour 😉

Today has been an odd day. At work we are raising money for Centrepoint (homeless charity) and we had to come in dressed as superheroes. My side of the office thought it would be an amazing idea to come in as ‘Super…markets’ (pic to follow at the bottom) and sport some carrier bags instead! Everyone else rocks up in their Batman and Power Rangers outfit, and there is us…with plastic bags on. I somehow drew the short straw and got M&S, only for it to say ‘forever fish’ on the front. Take what you wish from that (!), green is certainly not my colour! I’ve also been picking out more paint for the new house. I seem to be loitering around Homebase more times than ever and my cups of tea intake has had to be cut in half because I’m always out! I have noticed this because I managed to make 4 pints of milk last week and that NEVER happens. I might have a cup when I finish rambling on to you; writing on here always seems to come back to tea? I think I have problems…But yes, if I have to see anymore shades of cream and white that now go by pretentious names as ‘Barley White’ and ‘Seldom Seen’. Who comes up with that trash? Whatever happened to good old-fashioned ‘White’ on the tin? I appreciate that white on it’s own is a little much and is seen in the Daz adverts, but the more choice I have the harder it is! My walls at the moment are like a patchwork quilt for all the sampling I have been doing! My poor painter is going to have a job getting rid of all of that; he’ll probably have to put a few coats on.

Well I suppose this is farewell from me tonight, after doing the minimal exercise I am a little bit peckish and I am sure there is a packet of BBQ Hula Hoops in the cupboard with my name on them. Must not forget the cup of tea.


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