Typical Tuesdays

I was lying in bed last night thinking maybe I should go a la Bridget Jones and document my not so humorous life and ‘what I did today’. Surely someone will read my pointless tosh, its pretty much like being back at school and having to write down what you’ve done over the weekend!

Dear Whoever,

My day started with me being cold. I woke up with a nose like Rudolph and hair like it had been through a bush. After bullying Arran into trying my Alpen cereal stuff (Apple and Raspberry, try it its lush) and him dithering round trying to fix his bike and getting grease everywhere, I knew today was going to be a bit shambolic. I mean, I took a call for an interview in the shower this morning (first time for everything!) and Lowen (the rabbit) celebrated his birthday with a victory lap after stuffing his head in a cardboard box. Yes my house seems like a madhouse, it isn’t usually on a Tuesday, usually just me and the bunny, but Arran and his bike trouble happened to spoil the party.

So several cups of tea and Hay Day refreshes later, we manage to leave the house at precisely 2pm to visit the lovely man at the Post Office. This man must be at least 65, and as Arran put it ‘will die in that chair’. Always one to see the good side of life is Arran, although we did both agree that the man will probably get a tidy pension if he should ever leave the chair! Anyway after having an awkward moment with a chubby lady on the stairs and noticing that Greggs has had a fresh lick of paint recently, we tottered off to asda.

Now asda is where me and Arran usually get into fights, it goes along the lines of ‘what shall we have for tea…’, you know, the usual. We get down the meat aisle and Arran proclaims we couldn’t possibly have burgers in fear of eating horse meat! Firstly, they removed all the products with it in off the lines and secondly, we were never that cheap to buy the value burgers anyway! So he has this novelty idea that maybe we could slice a sirloin in half and use that in a burger bun……. 2 hours later and a small burger consumed, it didn’t leave much of an impression on me, apart from a stomach ache, so maybe we won’t try that route again. I’ll add a photo at the bottom so you can see what I mean, looked like it came straight from the burger van.

The rest of my evening and up until about 10 minutes ago consisted of more Hay Day refreshes (yes I know I am an addict) and shooting some annoying campers on COD while Lowen tries to assert his authority by pushing me with his nose…

All in all a pointless day. Tomorrow I’m at work where I will be reciting ‘would you like that in separate bags??’ 😀



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