Has it really been that long?

This summer has gone particularly fast – I was at work today (I work opposite Argos) and the amount of freshers streaming out of there with their new duvet sets was insane! They also made me feel very old as they looked so innocent, dorky & like they had never been away from home before.

It has now dawned on me that time is flying by, we are only 3 months away from Christmas, 7 weeks until graduation and 6 weeks until I take a very important test! Quite frankly, it is time to get my arse into gear again as as the way things are at the moment, I could quite happily crawl into a little cave and never come out 🙂 Of course I am the only one that can make things happen and I intend to do just that, although, in comparison to some of my friend I am fairly fortunate with how things have worked out. I need to live life instead of life living me; famous last words.


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