Boggle Eyed: Are Graduates Realistic Enough?

You’d think now that University had finished I’d have both eyes glued to books and forgetting the world around me, well, thats how I’d planned it but it hasn’t worked out that way!

As I recently posted on, it’s hard at the moment to find a semi-decent job after finishing University, particularly in an area that want to work in or enjoy. It has got me thinking that maybe graduates are boggled eyed about the whole job thing and many careers services are not offering the right advice or being realistic about our jobs prospects. As a note taker, I sat in a careers lecture (not sure why it was even a module to be honest) and they encouraged the students to research their chosen fields and industries and the jobs that are available.

While I agree with this to a certain extent, there was no mention of the fact that it is so hard to get jobs, hypothetically speaking, in the publishing industry if you live in, for example, Hereford. There is no realist talk these days and no emphasis on the fact that we have to go that extra mile to find a job in an area we want and the steps we need to take. Yes, we get CV help, but nowadays, you have to have that extra zazz to make yourself stand out. Only recently did my boyfriend suggest I should do a ‘cover video’ about why I should be hired instead of a cover letter, and that maybe I should send some cakes to the business. It’s a tough world out there and a tough job market, so do we need to do more to get ourselves noticed? We are now entering a market that is over saturated with graduates and unfortunately, every prospective employer is not going to sit and read the same spiel on every CV.

Who is to blame for our unrealistic outlook? Ourselves or our careers service? We now have to make our own way in the world and in some ways, I kind of feel let down by the careers service that was on offer. Before you think I didn’t use it, I did, and all I got was a few leaflets and information that I had already read online.

I’m in the midst of setting up on my own outside of working at a bakery, and my next blog post shall let you know how I’m going about that and how it’s coming on! I am taking the plunge and ‘making my own way’.




One thought on “Boggle Eyed: Are Graduates Realistic Enough?

  1. It’s a similar situation in the USA. We are offered very little realistic advice about jobs. One of my former professors was the most honest with me, explaining that getting a job would be tough and I might have to get a not-so-ideal job (working in an unrelated industry) if my area didn’t have the jobs to support my recent college education. I have found many jobs (jobs I qualify for), but they aren’t necessarily what I see myself doing. Even in the US, I have noticed that most jobs are outside where I live, and I have been wondering if I need to move in order to have opportunities. But, like you said, no one told me or my peers that this would happen, nor did they tell us what to do should it happen.

    Good luck searching for jobs! Maybe a cover video would make you stand out!

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