Straightening Out

We’re on the up I think.

Been a packed few weeks recently, lots going on and only now when I’m supposed to be doing something else do I sit down and blog, even though it’s sunny outside!

The good news is my personal tutor is pro MA and has agreed to write me a reference! (yay!) She was really enthusiastic about it all and thought it was really good that I’d gone away and done my own research etc. I’m literally waiting for her to okay my personal statement and then its hitting the post faster than you can say education! All being well, this time next year, I’ll have a set of straighter teeth and half way through an MA.

But yes, the teeth.

I’ve just started with Invisalign, and for those who have no idea that that is, its a clear brace that makes your teeth move by regularly changing the tray. I came to the conclusion that as a young woman in my early twenties and hoping to kickstart my career, I could not walk around with a mouth full of metal. It’s going okay so far, I’m experiencing a dry mouth and a bit of the plastic is catching on my tongue, but apart from that, no one notices them and they’re reasonably okay to get in and out. Just a bit of a pain as I drink tea all the time, so it’s like a party trick taking them out every few hours!

I will keep you posted on how I’m getting on with them. There isn’t much documented about them online so it might be helpful for all my readers (!) out there who are thinking about it to be kept informed 🙂 Plus, you all know that I like sharing my life experiences with you all!

A special mention goes out to Nigel from the TDA Premier Plus Program who is an avid fan of my blog 😉

Over & out.


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