An ironic tribute to The Beatles

It’s hard to believe where the time has gone this year. It only feels like yesterday that it was New Years Eve and I was quite happily watching the Harry Potter box set with my other half.

Now, we are in March. I’m supposed to ‘march’ on and choose a career path that is right for me. Picking a career path is like choosing what socks to wear: you quite like a few but none of them are really screaming out at you.

I know this sounds a little pessimistic, and I am in the process of trying to find work experience, trying to find work, and hoping for the best in writing. I know, that if all else fails, I’ll just do what is expected of me and run and teach children their ABC. Although you and I both know that’s not for me.

As I sit here and contemplate how life will change after May, I do wonder whether things will work out okay. Am I living in a bubble, I keep asking myself. I suppose I won’t know until it gets popped.




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