It’s like that, is it?

It’s been an odd few months here in my household, as the time is fast approaching where I am finishing University and life is going to have to go one way or another. I’m getting a lot of unnecessary pressure from my parents to make a decision, and lo and behold, they want me to do a PGCE as ‘I won’t get a job anywhere’ and ‘what was the point of going to University if you’re just going to go out and find a job, you could have done that at 18’. This is coming from people who, I quote, ‘know the real world’.

Yeah, life’s a bitch, but I think I already knew that, and I already know that deep down, teaching is not the route for me right now. I don’t see the point of spending more money, more time, and energy on a further qualification when my heart isn’t even in it. I think if I wanted to peruse it, I would be jumping the gun and putting my application in right this second. My Personal Tutor was right, I need to keep my options open.

And thats what I’m trying to do.

Over the last few months I’ve been researching into proof reading and copy writing as now that I am note taking so much in my paid job, it’s come second nature to me. I have to have sentences correct, make them understandable and of course try and get the words spelt right here and there. So I’ve been looking into what it takes and speaking to a few self-employed proof readers about how they got into the business and whether they could give me some advice. All of them have been pretty positive so far, I’ve been looking into courses on the Soceity for Editing and Publishing, looking into doing a part-time online MA in Professional Writing, and trying to bully my boyfriend into helping me get started. I’ve spoken to a friend at University who was interested in the same thing, but I didnt tell her I was already looking in to it. Of course I’ve shared this with only a few close people, and modt certainly not my parents. My cousin, on the other hand, has been so supportive of me looking in to it all and even offered to help me get started, as she works for herself too.

All I’m saying is, I’m keeping my options open. It’s only February but I’m wanting to see whats out there and look at things that doesn’t involve teaching. It’s kind of de motivating in a way when you have parents who are set on one idea for you and are sticking to it, and you have another, very awkward.

As I continue my soul searching and proof reading/copy writing adventure I will keep you posted, as I here blogging is pretty good these days…




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