Journalism Junkie

Things have been quite busy in the past few days for me, hence why I haven’t been blogging an awful lot. Just getting some quiet time now to let you know what I’ve been doing! I’ve been off and applying for work experience at the BBC in Broadcast Journalism for BBC Midlands Today. Never have I been through such a rigourous application process! I had to watch a transmission of BBC Midlands Today and really get nitty gritty and explain why I wanted to step onto the career path of journalism. I felt kind of proud when it asked what I did in my spare time to be more proactive etc, and I was like “I BLOG!!!!”. I didn’t give them the link to this blog, as knowing them, they would think its absolutely rubbish!! I’m really hopeful I can get somewhere and get this placement as it could do wonders for my CV. Although if anyone is reading this and is in journalism or publishing, get in touch because I would REALLY LOVE to do some work experience ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve also had my nose into Alastair Campbell’s latest volume of diaries, “Power & Responsibility 1999 – 2001”. I cannot get enough of reading this stuff and I find it really intriguing to see what went on ย behind closed doors and how much it differed from what was published in the tabloids. Journalism is a tough world, and behind all that nice nicey paper, is a bunch of ruthless journalists who are printing ludicrous stories in order to make some loot, regardless of the damage. This has been seen only recently with the hacking scandal which has been the lowest of the low. Also, The Daily Mail do not come off well in this volume, and to be honest, I’m not surprised as they are scathing and not worth the money. But what I love about AC’s journal is the politics. When I read it I feel like I’m stood in the middle of the Cabinet Office like a fly on the wall watching it all. Its awfully compelling. The downside is it takes me yonks to read it as its roughly 800 pages long. Give me strength. Then again, the longer it lasts, the less time I have to wait until the next volume. Off I go…


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