when I come back you’ll know, Amy Winehouse

I’m taking the peaceful time that I have at present to reflect on a fantastic musical sensation, being Amy Winehouse. I’m in a pensive mood today and not feeling a blog full of ranting. Besides, its Sunday.

I’ve just dug out her ‘Back to Black’ album on iTunes and it really is amazing. It’s such a shame to think someone of that musical calibre fell into the dangerous trap of drug and alcohol addiction. Listening to her lyrics, it feels like she means every word, and there is such a sense of sadness throughout the album. It makes me sad to think that she will never release another song, or collab with Mark Ronson, because unfortunately she chose to cut her life short, not accept help, and lived her life as an addict. One could say that her wealth fuelled her addiction. If she wasn’t a Grammy winner, a musical success, she wouldn’t have had the millions in her bank. Her wealth made it easier for her to buy and access drugs than your average Tom, Dick or Harry. Of course I have to condemn her actions and see it as a waste of a life, as she is the epitome of what dangerous abuse can do to a person. Hopefully, people will look at her death and remember her for music and her beautiful voice, and not for the downward spiral she was stuck in. Unforunately, it was just a matter of time before she died.

Nevertheless, Amy, will stay on my iTunes and remain a music icon, and a member of the 27 club.


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