The bookshop culture – still going strong.

I just read a blog post in which it discussed the decline in bookstores, where you can aimlessly search for books for hours on end and end up getting quite a bad neckache. I can’t disagree that Amazon has taken over the majority of the book world, but for someone like me, an English student who can’t afford to buy brand new books every semester, its perfect. Amazon lets me buy things secondhand, and it keeps the love for literature inside of me.

The book culture, the book craze, still lives. I love books, I don’t know where I would be without books. Only last week I read Harry Potter 3-7 in the space of 5 days. Yes, I had a lot of time on my hands! I love getting lost in a book, the thrill of buying a new book, and waiting for it to come through the post. Books have done a great deal for me throughout my life so far – kept me out of trouble, kept me entertained, and provided me with a career path. Currently, I’m in the process of planning for my dissertation, and books are the key thing that I have to use. For me, flicking through an ebook on the iPad, or buying a Kindle and downloading a book to it seems unnatural. I can never seem to grasp the plot and it doesn’t provide as much joy as holding a book in my hand. In essence, like Maggiecakes said;

It’s not really a book. Its a text.

I couldn’t agree more. When my boyfriend tries to persuade me to convert to the modern way of ‘reading’, I rebuke the idea and say no. Without Literature and books, I wouldn’t be an English student, I wouldn’t wish to write, and I wouldn’t loose myself in plots so easily.

So even though some may say the bookshop culture is dying, it really is still going strong. There may not be as many book shops around today, but, we haven’t lost books to technology just yet, they haven’t become a forgotten pleasure.


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