I went into Norwich today and ended up in Paperchase. I really wanted to buy a nice A4 moleskine as I’m starting to feel like I should start writing more poetry and short stories instead of just thinking about it. After being faced with awkward questions on a recent visit to Spain by my parents, I’m wondering whether I should make more of an effort in what I think I want to do.

I’ve got a list of todos in my Things on my iPhone, and I never do them and I just end up moving them to the next day and forever procrastinate. I don’t quite know how to move forward with writing and Literature, or even move forward on the path to discovery. Id much prefer a gentle shove or someone handing me money or a job on a plate. Somehow I think that won’t happen (!)

Whether this is me over thinking things or just lacking motivation here in Suffolk, I do not know. Somebody give me some answers.


One thought on “Life

  1. Ugh. Lack of motivation and accidental procrastination are ruining my life. Funnily enough, whenever I feel bogged down by lack of motivation and accidental procrastination, I like to go and buy myself a new notebook. Extra procrastination you say? Well… uh… yes. ‘Fraid so.

    Want to write poetry? Stories? DO IT. Just write. Even if what comes out isn’t what you imagined it would be (it almost definiately WON’T be). It’s what you will MAKE IT INTO that counts.

    Or you could be like me and channel all your energy into writing a snarky blog…. ;o) Good luck, either way!

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