So the previously garish pink WordPress theme wasn’t working, after spending a good few days just staring at my blog and thinking, ‘yes, i am not a pink girl at all’. Finally someone good has come up with a simple WordPress theme which doesn’t dazzle my eyes! I’m trying to go for the professional look, as 9 times out of 10 I want to come across as sensible, and write sensible blog posts (obviously this one is the 1 point I’m lacking), yet the colour made it seem juvenile. Ive recently returned from the UK and still airports are bothering me, low cost airlines are bothering me, and having to queue up is bothering me! Could I be anymore of a narky Brit? At least now I am home I can get down to some serious paper reading and serious blogging, (back to being serious!) as if I want to get anywhere in writing, in Literature, I gotta take it seriously.

Enough patter, seriously.


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