Testing times for Government

All this phone hacking by the News of the World is sureto test our current Government and the strength of the coalition. Not only do they have to unravel this tangled mess and work out who has done what, News Corp as a company also has to be dealt with. The dilemma comes after more hacking allegations have been made against NOTW, and Jeremy Hunt needs to decide whether News Corp can fully take over BSKYB.

Obviously there are many things wrong with this, first off, how can we be sure that these people won’t hack again? Tabloids will do anything for a scoop, what’s to stop them doing it in their sister paper, The Sun? Do we want people who scheme and lie, and clearly taint the profession that is journalism, to be giving us the news every morning? Can we be confident they obtained their stories lawfully, and not going against privacy laws? Secondly, if News Corp owns BSKYB, they will control the news we receive and have the largest stake in news distribution/newspapers in the UK. The idea of buying different newspapers and watching different news channels is to get a different opinion, like buying The Guardian gives a more left wing view than The Times. Our news will become saturated, there will be no difference in what we read, and the news world will alter considerably.

Not only this, it would not be morally right to allow Rupert Murdoch to buy BSKYB when his name has just been dragged through the mud. What kind of example does this set for the young generation? That even if you do wrong, that it would be ok, things can still go your way in the end?

Mr Hunt should do the right thing, not follow the Tories and their pro privatisation, instead block their takeover completely and do a spot of rethinking. If you do, we might just vote you in again, but I think thats aiming too high πŸ™‚

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