Journalism Junkie

Things have been quite busy in the past few days for me, hence why I haven’t been blogging an awful lot. Just getting some quiet time now to let you know what I’ve been doing! I’ve been off and applying for work experience at the BBC in Broadcast Journalism for BBC Midlands Today. Never have […]

when I come back you’ll know, Amy Winehouse

I’m taking the peaceful time that I have at present to reflect on a fantastic musical sensation, being Amy Winehouse. I’m in a pensive mood today and not feeling a blog full of ranting. Besides, its Sunday. I’ve just dug out her ‘Back to Black’ album on iTunes and it really is amazing. It’s such […]

The bookshop culture – still going strong.

I just read a blog post in which it discussed the decline in bookstores, where you can aimlessly search for books for hours on end and end up getting quite a bad neckache. I can’t disagree that Amazon has taken over the majority of the book world, but for someone like me, an English student […]


I went into Norwich today and ended up in Paperchase. I really wanted to buy a nice A4 moleskine as I’m starting to feel like I should start writing more poetry and short stories instead of just thinking about it. After being faced with awkward questions on a recent visit to Spain by my parents, […]


So the previously garish pink WordPress theme wasn’t working, after spending a good few days just staring at my blog and thinking, ‘yes, i am not a pink girl at all’. Finally someone good has come up with a simple WordPress theme which doesn’t dazzle my eyes! I’m trying to go for the professional look, […]

Testing times for Government

All this phone hacking by the News of the World is sureto test our current Government and the strength of the coalition. Not only do they have to unravel this tangled mess and work out who has done what, News Corp as a company also has to be dealt with. The dilemma comes after more […]