Reffer who? AV: The Alternative Vote

Like everybody else in England, I’ve received my white polling card for the local elections. When I got it, I was like, ‘local elections? I didn’t know those we’re happening, nor do I know whose running. Oh well, I’ll just for [insert preferred party here] regardless. Only when I turned on the 6 o’clock news did I catch the video for Yes to AV that I realised the Alternative Vote was looming. It was earlier this month so I actually though the broadcast was a piss take it was that shocking. Then, I received a mocking No to AV leaflet though the letterbox with Nick Clegg’s awful face plastered on the back, which basically said he was pushing something rotten for it and is “breaking promises” in Government. It was used very wisely in my house, it ended up in the bin, but I did read it.

I watched the videos, I went on the Labour website and read the pros and cons, I read the Guardian (big mistake) and consulted my peers as to what they thought. But at the end of the day, who is REALLY going to benefit from an AV system? Mr Cameron or Mr Miliband? No, Mr. Clegg. The AV system favours the smaller parties and would enable them to get their foot in Number 10 quicker than you can say deficit. Do I think that’s fair? No. The current system favours the first past the post system, and basically says whoever is most popular and gets the most votes wins. Surely thats what we all want? We want a Government who has been voted in on their election promises, their campaigns, their lack of snobbyness, and their ability to “relate”, not a Government made up of any Tom, Dick or Harry, or in this case, the two Nicks.
So when you cast your vote on May 5th, you think about whose face you’d like to see in Government. You think about whether you’d like a mix of a lot of parties who are not the people’s choice, nor have the same views as everybody else. Some of their policies will be implemented and some of the popular parties will get thrown out of the window as a compromise. Just like today’s Government.
So ignore the Vinces and the Nicks as they’re out for themselves anyway, and make the right choice!

I am wasted at University, I would make an excellent political campaigner.


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