Viva España

After two long days of travelling to get to Spain, I finally got here. I was expecting some form of sun, however I was met by autumnal overcast weather as I got off the Ryanair plane.

The flight was somewhat awful. What with the 10kg ‘hand’ luggage allowance, everyone thinks its a grand idea to bring a full size suitcase on board and squish it into the hold. Instead of paying £15 to stick it in the underneath section.
In every compartment, there was at least 5 suitcases. Sweaty men, women over fifty with gypsy-like hair, faffing on trying to push a huge case above my head. For the record, I had a normal sized handbag, and do NOT agree with been squished by suitcases and their owners.

As much as I love travelling, angry stewards, 7am flight on a Sunday, and a plane full of suitcases and Brummies, was not my ideal flight. After being blinded by the yellow plastic I was faced with, and the man snoring next to me, I attempted to settle down and sleep.
It’s true, you get what you pay for. It is impossible to sleep on Ryanair when the colours give you a headache, the chairs give you a stiff neck, and you’re being elbowed by two people next to you. What I want is the old days, my free meal, my complimentary sweet for take off, and some stewards which actually have their tie done up properly.

Ryanair ruin the holiday experience. It is cheap, awfully yellow, and sets the day off on a bad foot. If they could, they would charge you for every square of toilet roll you use. Not to mention if you dared to use some of it to dry your hands.

What happened to the days of old fashioned travel? What happened to comfort?

I hate to say it, but give me expense, BA, and a complimentary blanket and pillow to sleep with, any day.


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