Theresa May, lovely, sweet Theresa May….

Yeah, right! This wretched pensioner is set to take something away from the British people that tried to curb the youths of today. The weird and wonderful ASBO. Now, I remember, when people used to say ‘Oh, Joe soandso got an ASBO last week’, I would be shocked, as, being from County Durham, I wasn’t exactly faced with a youth with a beer on my doorstep.
Yet even though the ASBO is being heavily criticized by the Tory government, and to be scrapped by Mad May, no one has stopped to think that when the ASBO was introduced by Tony Blair in 1998, it would do a bit of good for the community! Okay, despite it not being successful everywhere, and many teens going on to commit more crimes after receiving an ASBO, when a youth has an ASBO they can’t go to certain areas/shops etc because of their behaviour, the idea was belittled, it made the people on the receiving end seem ‘belittled’. It was suggested that it ‘didn’t work’.
No, it does and doesn’t work. What doesn’t work is the youths that receive them. What doesn’t work is their parents keeping them in line in the first place! What does work is letting the criminals know that such behaviour will not be tolerated. If teenagers were set a good example from their parents, they are ten times likely not to offend. Sod this, yes I am being judgmental, but teenagers from broken families, troubled background, on the poverty line, tend to ‘act out’ more. And, if the parents can’t curb them, then who will?
Since we are going to be saying goodbye to the ASBO, what will be saying hello to? More youths traipsing around, causing problems? Because trust me May, communities do not want to sort out what they want to do with them! The reason we have a Government is to sort out this issues, not to pass the bucket when it suits them. In today’s society families simply do not have time to get together and discuss want to do with some rowdy youths, they wanted it dealt with by the law.

There is going to be money freed up from the ASBO scheme, so, George, where is it going?


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