Graduate Tax?

I read about this on the BBC website a couple of nights ago, and then, I couldn’t work out whether it would benefit me when I complete my degree or not.

However, Cable’s idea of a graduate tax scheme comes in light of the Government’s thought about raising University fees. I have already had my email from NUS urging me to contact my local MP! Fat lot of good that is going to do when the Torys are swinging from the lamposts round here.

I see why the Government have decided to create a graduate tax, however, it abolishes the idea of equality, and tecnically, one must pay back exactly what you borrow, regardless of what you earn. Graduates should not have to pay more depending on their income, nor should those who earn less, pay back less. The whole idea of keeping it fair is to continue with the current loan system, ensuring that everyone pays back EXACTLY what they earn.

Mr Cable sees the current English system of tuition fees and loans as unfair and says he wants a more “progressive” system.

I understand that it may seem unfair that someone who is a doctor pays the same amount back as a social worker, but I’m sorry, thats just the way it is. The only good thing that could possibly come of this is the fact that the money will no longer go to the Treasury, but to the Universities themselves, allowing them to spend more and improve, hurray!

I shall be interested to see what ConDem do about tuition fees – Tory’s want to raise them up to 7k, LibDem wanted to wipe them out completely within 6 years. Oh, it’s going to get awfully fun in Number 10, is it not? 🙂


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