Cameron on Crime,2010-07-13

What baffles me is, now the Tories has come into power, they are supposed to be cleaning up the so-called mess that Labour have left, however I really disagree with the idea of sending less people to prison.

The whole idea of prison is to punish those who have committed a crime. By allowing less people to go to prison, and roam around the streets doing ‘community’ service, they’re more than likely going to reoffend.

well over 90% of those who are given short prison sentences have previous convictions; they have been given fines or community punishments but have gone on to re-offend

I understand that cuts have to be made to attack the debt, but risking the lives of the British public by allowing criminals not to go to prison will create more crime, and probably give people the idea that they can get away with things because they know they aren’t going to go to prison. Is this the kind of mindset one wants to pass on to children? The Tories need to take a tough stance on crime, and remind themselves who they are supposed to be governing for. Also, they have the shadow over their heads of Labour being the only Government in the last decades who have left Parliment and managed to reduced crime rate.

Will the Tories do this? No. Β They are more concerned on slashing the money where it hurts.

In fact, I would not be surprised if the cuts leave more people out of work, and thus turning to crime as a way of making money.

Congratulations Cameron, you never fail to make me cringe with your stupid ideas.


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