Brainless Britton!

I was waiting for The Simpsons to come on last night, as you do, and Fern Britton was there interviewing Alistair Campbell about his diaries.

I got quite excited when I saw him on there, as I’ve just finished the latest uncut version of his diaires, and I thoroughly enjoyed them, yet Fern Britton had absolutely NO IDEA about it at all. Β She proclaimed to have read the book and yet asked stupid questions about the state of Blair’s dress when Campbell was meeting with him.

Now if I was at dim witted at Fern, I would probably be interested in this, as well, Blair is her age, and like every OTHER housewife, was probably intruiged by this.

If she had taken the time to read the diaries, she was have not made such a fool of herself by blagging her way through it by laughing and asking ridiculous questions.

Since reading Campbell’s diaries, it’s made me have a lot more respect for the work politicians do, and I couldn’t resist the wit behind the goings on at Number 10. I am currently making my way through ‘The Blair Years’ continuing on from ’97 in Prelude to Power right up to ’03.

However, the question remains as to whether I will purchase Mad Mandelson’s memoirs, who makes my skin crawl awfully. It makes me think he’s trying to jump on the bandwagon, heaven forbid.


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