Going somewhere so soon?

On a peaceful Saturday morning, the Coalition has come under an unusual strand of commentary from behind its own doors. Francis Maude, a Conservative who is seen to be the one who moved the Torys into a more progressive, modern state, so they were able to be in power, has openly expressed that todays Government […]


Theresa May, lovely, sweet Theresa May…. Yeah, right! This wretched pensioner is set to take something away from the British people that tried to curb the youths of today. The weird and wonderful ASBO. Now, I remember, when people used to say ‘Oh, Joe soandso got an ASBO last week’, I would be shocked, as, […]

Graduate Tax?

I read about this on the BBC website a couple of nights ago, and then, I couldn’t work out whether it would benefit me when I complete my degree or not. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-10649459 However, Cable’s idea of a graduate tax scheme comes in light of the Government’s thought about raising University fees. I have already had […]

Cameron on Crime

http://www2.labour.org.uk/cameron-admits-fewer-criminals-will-be-put-in-jail,2010-07-13 What baffles me is, now the Tories has come into power, they are supposed to be cleaning up the so-called mess that Labour have left, however I really disagree with the idea of sending less people to prison. The whole idea of prison is to punish those who have committed a crime. By allowing […]