It came to my attention last night when browsing The Times website, that BA are sneakily going to employ over 1250 new cabin crew, who are willing to work for less.

The idea of BA has always created a element of sophistication and wealth, and that only the middlle/upper class use BA on a regular basis, whereas us working class settle for Easyjet. However, since the uproar of the cabin crew strikes, it seems that BA have a way of ignoring these cabin crew who believe they are underpaid – get crew in that will work for less.

Now I don’t mean to be¬†judgemental, but it seems that East European workers normally have the tendency to work for less, because the silly British people believe they cannot accept low pay (!) Therefore, so many crew will earn 11k a year, instead of 25k a year for short-haul, or 30k for long-haul, which in my opinion is going to destroy the idea and ‘class’ of BA, and put a lot of crew just above the poverty line.

This comes in light of the new Government raising the pension age to 70, meaning the less wealth you have, the more chance there is that you’ll be working into the grave. In fact, they mayswell dig their own grave and jump in.

Hello 70 year cabin crew, please keep your hand steady and don’t spill my drink.


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