England’s tit up

Somehow I ended up the England vs Algeria match last night, and to be honest I wish I hadn’t.  How appalling and stupid those England players looked on the pitch.  For a full 90 minutes they ‘ran’ around half asleep, afraid to touch the ball, and being flimsy with their passes. Their lack of control was embarassing.

What baffles me is that these players are on over 120k a week for their top class clubs, and manage to score goals, yet can’t even do it for their country. Disgraceful.  Instead of bringing Joe Cole onto the field, Capello let Heskey run around like a tit for a whole 90 minutes, desperately trying to get his ‘World Cup goal’ when simply, he is past his sell by date by far.

Capello seriously needs to rethink his strategy, as a 4-4-2 formation, Heskey up front, wimpish players, will NOT get you through to knock out stages. Oh and another thing, their attitudes need to change. Rooney spitting at the camera and remarking,

Nice to see your home fans booing you. That’s loyal supporters.”

He is the biggest pr**k on the pitch. In a matter of fact, if he’s gonna behave like a child, then he shouldn’t be allowed to play. In fact, kick his ginger arse all the way back to grimey Liverpool where he belongs.

Rant over. I will not watch a single England game again, they’re a disgrace to our country.


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