Northern Numpties

I’m not feeling in such a rantish mood today. Just been sat trying to fiddle around with html on Tumblr and I’m too tired to contemplate the misfortunes of George Osborne today.

Although I will say this; when thousands of people are neglected due to the fact they have to travel to Middlesbrough to receive NHS treatment in the James Cook hospital, when they live in Hartlepool, may it be on your head.  I find it disgraceful that they choose to risk people’s lives by not continuing forward with the planned NHS hospital in Hartlepool.  If you live down South, then just to let you know that its like 20/25 mins to JC hospital.

I understand that things need to be cut, but at the expense of lives, no.


One thought on “Northern Numpties

  1. I agree completely. Cancelling the new hospital is one thing but what happens when the General reaches the end of its life? A Tory government that doesn’t expect any votes from the north east can afford to do this.

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