‘Father’ of the Year

Another thing, how on EARTH can Peter Andre be Father of the Year?

The 37-year-old triumphed in a public vote despite splitting up with his partner, Katie Price, largely thanks to his devotion to her disabled first child, Harvey, by the footballer Dwight Yorke.

He also quite obviously dotes on Junior and Princess Tiaamii, his two children with the glamour model, whose behaviour since their acrimonious break-up must make her long odds on become the female equivalent.

Show me evidence of him doting on his kids?! You’d think that actually still being with the mother of your kids, would be the more stereotypical choice? Instead of prancing around on Channel 4 trying to talk about ‘serious matters’ for an hour at 5 o’clock! ‘How to make a perfect cup of tea’ does not come under ‘serious matters’ in my book!

Andre, get a real job.

For the record, I am not a Tory with my ‘conservative’ ways, I just don’t rate his parenting skills. Rant. Over.


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