Clegg Comotion

I did say to myself that I wouldn’t be an obsessive blogger when I found something that annoyed me, but browsing on Reader, as you do, there was a new piece on Clegg…

Now ever since the bloody ConDem, my feelings for the wimpish Nick Clegg have gone right down the pan. Prior to him being a lapdog, he was a tedious inexperienced politician, whose yellow tie would be more suited on an actual canary.

It seems that Clegg has been trying to promote ‘Childhood and Families Task Force’ in several right-wing newspapers, when clearly his political ‘values’ are left-wing. However, since the coalition, his views can obviously be questioned.  It wouldn’t surprised me if he hasn’t lost the support of half of his party considering his buddy bonding with right-wing posh tosh David Cameron.

Despite the fact that Clegg has oddly being trying to push the fact that the Government will ‘look after’ families, and allowing grandparents to have more control over their grandchildren should the parents split up, the Labour Camp, has bitten right back;

Earlier today, shadow schools secretary Ed Balls criticised the coalition’s policies on children and families, describing Mr Clegg’s announcement as “a smokescreen”, diverting attention from cuts to local services which “make a difference to the lives of children and young people”.

He added:

“This government can have no credibility on improving the life chances of children and families when they are cutting child trust funds, youth jobs, university places, free school meals for poorer families, and successful programmes to tackle teenage pregnancy and youth crime. And this is before proposals to cut child benefit and school breakfast clubs.

“The fact they’ve abolished the post of Secretary of State for Children tells you everything about the priorities of this new government. A serious approach to improving the life chances of children and families in our country would be to continue with the successful reforms in Labour’s Children’s Plan which had widespread support but have now been torn up.”

Balls clearly highlights the effects the new plans will have on families, not to mention the child tax credit cut….in the mean time, one must wait until the Emergency Budget next Tuesday. Yippee.

In fact, I think I’ll just stick to Alistair Campbell’s diaries until then.


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