England’s tit up

Somehow I ended up the England vs Algeria match last night, and to be honest I wish I hadn’t.  How appalling and stupid those England players looked on the pitch.  For a full 90 minutes they ‘ran’ around half asleep, afraid to touch the ball, and being flimsy with their passes. Their lack of control […]

Northern Numpties

I’m not feeling in such a rantish mood today. Just been sat trying to fiddle around with html on Tumblr and I’m too tired to contemplate the misfortunes of George Osborne today. Although I will say this; when thousands of people are neglected due to the fact they have to travel to Middlesbrough to receive […]

‘Father’ of the Year

Another thing, how on EARTH can Peter Andre be Father of the Year? The 37-year-old triumphed in a public vote despite splitting up with his partner, Katie Price, largely thanks to his devotion to her disabled first child, Harvey, by the footballer Dwight Yorke. He also quite obviously dotes on Junior and Princess Tiaamii, his […]

Clegg Comotion

I did say to myself that I wouldn’t be an obsessive blogger when I found something that annoyed me, but browsing on Reader, as you do, there was a new piece on Clegg… Now ever since the bloody ConDem, my feelings for the wimpish Nick Clegg have gone right down the pan. Prior to him […]